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Western Gales Hybrid Headcover - A4 -

Western Gales Hybrid Headcover - A4 -

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Western Gales は、サンフランシスコに拠点を置くヘッドカバーのブランドです。


今回 the Divot STORE 限定で制作してもらったヘッドカバー類は、全てが一点物になります。


Western Gales is the headcover brand based in San Francisco, United States.

Taking advantage of the characteristics of San Francisco, which is surrounded by the ocean, 

unique head covers are made from upcycled ship sails. 

All of the head covers produced exclusively for the Divot STORE are one-of-a-kind items.

・Made in USA
・Exterior Fabric : Upcycled Sail Cloth - polyester 100%
・Interior Fabric : Fleece - polyester 100%
・Fits for standard hybrid clubs

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